Can I be a Roadie? | Ok Tested

Whether you admit it or not, Roadie banne ka khwab toh kahin na kahin sab dekhte hain. And therefore sans the explicit language, we bring to you the OK Tested version of Roadies ft. Rohit, Aakansha and Shivam. So, who do you think has the jigra to be a Rodie? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Hrutuja


    8 तासांपूर्वी

    Shivam is the winner for me

  2. Kunal


    3 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Mtlb jub content khatam ho jaye to kuch bhi ganda sa bana do 😂😂

  3. spooky wooky

    spooky wooky

    5 दिवसांपूर्वी

    i just love rohit 🖤😭 finally he is back

  4. Poonam Saha

    Poonam Saha

    6 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Rohit!! He is so cool!!

  5. Tadar Nari

    Tadar Nari

    6 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Shivam ka sense of humour is very different from others..I like the way he thinks👍❤️

  6. Samikshya Thapa

    Samikshya Thapa

    6 दिवसांपूर्वी


  7. Anushka aa

    Anushka aa

    6 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Gawd my BOY *ROHIT* is backkkkkk !!! I almost thought he left ugh 😭❤👑...

  8. JK K

    JK K

    7 दिवसांपूर्वी

    roadie me jhagda krdo jamm k tum jeet jaoge,..aisa dikhaya jata tha

  9. Haris Patel

    Haris Patel

    7 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Bachhe ko q le aye is vdo me

  10. shalool haider

    shalool haider

    7 दिवसांपूर्वी

    this time shivam rocks



    8 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Rohit you're setting up high standards for bengali boys 😁

  12. Dethroned Here

    Dethroned Here

    8 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Rohit for PM

  13. Shivansh Shukla

    Shivansh Shukla

    9 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Shivam wins the show man…

  14. Sonu Kumar

    Sonu Kumar

    9 दिवसांपूर्वी

    SHIVAM banega Roadie.

  15. Shejal Kc

    Shejal Kc

    10 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Akansha makes every video lit 💫

  16. naughty612


    10 दिवसांपूर्वी

    I hate roadies TV show ... Never watch a single episode

  17. nimmi k n

    nimmi k n

    10 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Rohit is back!!! Rohit is Back!!!! Yeaaayyyyhhhh

  18. momo ju

    momo ju

    11 दिवसांपूर्वी

    im seeing this video just for rohit ..................................................

  19. Sadaf Naaz

    Sadaf Naaz

    11 दिवसांपूर्वी

    1:45 no man you are full 10 on 10 🕺💗

  20. Alpha whiskey

    Alpha whiskey

    12 दिवसांपूर्वी

    None of y'all can let's be real warna INblow pe nahi baithe hote XD

  21. shweta3780khatri


    13 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Old video again... OK tested why?

  22. meenaxi negi

    meenaxi negi

    13 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Shivam is the winner for me

  23. Deepanshu Kaul Philip

    Deepanshu Kaul Philip

    13 दिवसांपूर्वी

    These quizzes are just like the BuzzFeed quizzes

  24. Anju Bala

    Anju Bala

    13 दिवसांपूर्वी

    2:29 shivam's expression , soooo cute😊

  25. manjunath prabhu

    manjunath prabhu

    13 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Shivam 😂👌🏻

  26. Akshay Rathod

    Akshay Rathod

    13 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Tenzing is over rated

  27. K R

    K R

    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Good to see Shivammm

  28. Pratima Singh

    Pratima Singh

    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    My favorite rohit is back now 😍

  29. Sumnima Rai

    Sumnima Rai

    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Finally rohit is here ❤

  30. So Relatable

    So Relatable

    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Rohit gives tesher vibes

  31. Tushar Poman

    Tushar Poman

    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Try jolo chip and make video full

  32. Nandini Tripathi

    Nandini Tripathi

    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    SHIVAM. Absolutely him. Man i like the way this guy thinks!

  33. Rishitha Mamidala

    Rishitha Mamidala

    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Rohit's hair..😍😍

  34. Shiuli Nath

    Shiuli Nath

    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Rohit💗 & Akansha💗 both are my favourites but Shivam🌟 is the star in this video

  35. Intelligent Super

    Intelligent Super

    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Can u guys explore scary grave's or abandoned buliding?

  36. Krati Agrawal

    Krati Agrawal

    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    "I will give myself a 12 on 10." - ROHIT I want this level of confidence in my life😂😂😂 Anyways Rohit, You look amazing❤

  37. ele putlang

    ele putlang

    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Finally Rohit❤❤❤. Missed having him in oktested videos. Very happy to have him back.

  38. Garima Bajpai

    Garima Bajpai

    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    I dont know, but Shivam is lit. He always seems uninterested in all videos and that makes it even more funny. :D

  39. Gauri Khurana

    Gauri Khurana

    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Yayy shivamm

  40. shrutii mehra

    shrutii mehra

    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    finally waiting for him .....

  41. Afsana Khatoon

    Afsana Khatoon

    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Shivam wins!!!!!!!!!!

  42. prerna sahu

    prerna sahu

    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Refreshing video to see shivam and rohit Tired of seeing tenzing kanish again and again

  43. ALEX Marshall

    ALEX Marshall

    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Sundar Pichai 😂😂😂😂shivam rocked😁

  44. Lolita Crasta

    Lolita Crasta

    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    I liked this video

  45. Prakhar R. Singh

    Prakhar R. Singh

    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Pushp was good before she went cocky while answering the last question. And yes, her intelligence, she's dumb. 😂

  46. Theresa Fernandes

    Theresa Fernandes

    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    How did Rohit manage to be lost even in this quizz? 😂

  47. navi


    14 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Aakansha is darling ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  48. S M Sarangi

    S M Sarangi

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Shivam is so cute 😻😻

  49. Sanjana J

    Sanjana J

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Sunder Pichai kabhi Roadie ban sakta hai!!?😂

  50. Sagnik Ghosh

    Sagnik Ghosh

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    I live my life Roadies free✌️🤣🤣

  51. Nilesh Pawar

    Nilesh Pawar

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Shivam firse agaya...chu...

  52. Bhograj Pidiparas

    Bhograj Pidiparas

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Shivam was the ace for this

  53. Akanksha Sonkar

    Akanksha Sonkar

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी


  54. samira fursule

    samira fursule

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Your videos are getting bored...seriously!!! Bring some were so good

  55. Edith Lee

    Edith Lee

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Missed Rohit he is so different from all I really like him 😁

  56. Purnima Sharma

    Purnima Sharma

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Shivam and rohit after so long 🎉🎉 where were you guys

  57. prabhnoor kaur saluja

    prabhnoor kaur saluja

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    I like how shivam is straight giving marks! 😂

  58. prabhnoor kaur saluja

    prabhnoor kaur saluja

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    I missed shivam and om cake 🥲😂

  59. prabhnoor kaur saluja

    prabhnoor kaur saluja

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    omgggggg SHIVAM is finally here😂😂😂🤍

  60. Arpita Chakraborty

    Arpita Chakraborty

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Rohit ❤️

  61. Rishab Jain

    Rishab Jain

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Where's Satyam? Did he resign?

  62. Deep Roy

    Deep Roy

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    mai shivam ko dekhne aaya tha

  63. Pragya Sharma

    Pragya Sharma

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Shivam wins for me 😂



    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    RoHit is love

  65. Sonali Thakur

    Sonali Thakur

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    12 on 10 Man..😂😂Lit🔥

  66. Pratyaksha Singh

    Pratyaksha Singh

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Shivam you were the hero and I guess you have transformed in life. (Seedhi baat no bakwaas type wala banda Shivam)

  67. Md Shameer

    Md Shameer

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Finally Rohit, Akansha and Shivam - A breath of fresh air. Honestly, was bored of the same anchors in all the videos.

  68. Elizabeth Joseph

    Elizabeth Joseph

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Bruh ... Rohit killed this one . That confidence... Also dangggg boy plays acoustic base. Davie504 should be insecure .

  69. Khushi Verma

    Khushi Verma

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Arre Antil ko kahan chhupa kar rakhe ho bey!! Nikalo bahar unhe ab toh

  70. Naresh Valmiki

    Naresh Valmiki

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Miss beer.दारू video.।। Miss कनिस्क recation

  71. Nisha Biswas

    Nisha Biswas

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    I vote for Shivam

  72. Hawwa Nashatha

    Hawwa Nashatha

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Finally Rohit after a looongg timee🥺♥️

  73. Ann Jee

    Ann Jee

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Yayy!Rohit is back ❤️❤️

  74. Anuska Dey

    Anuska Dey

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Good to see Rohit after a long time! Missed him actually

  75. Deepesh Bhosale

    Deepesh Bhosale

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Nice answers nice video

  76. Priya Bhayani

    Priya Bhayani

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    we want more rohit videos

  77. Priya Bhayani

    Priya Bhayani

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    just watching for rohit

  78. MR E

    MR E

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    very boring vid.

  79. Girish Sp

    Girish Sp

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    With that flowy hair you can bro.

  80. ragkna31


    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    BRAND NEW IDEA for vid: how many maggi slabs (off course cooked) you can have? Competition among you guys. Tah my same if you like the idea.. I haven’t seen any in INblow yet!

  81. ujwala


    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Rohit is giving Alessandro michele vibes

  82. Sushmita Parashar

    Sushmita Parashar

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    “Roadie banne ke liye intelligence I don’t think chahiye…….chahiye hote hai kya?” Op😂😂😂😂😂 Absolutely no nhi chahiye sir😌

  83. Janhavi Bidaye

    Janhavi Bidaye

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    wooooaah shhhhhhiiiivvvaaammm!!!



    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Akanksha all time fav

  85. Kumail Ali

    Kumail Ali

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Arey BASS ki strings to change krwaloooo

  86. divya


    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    ayyyyy rohitttttt

  87. Nadim Nayeem

    Nadim Nayeem

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Rohit is the fucking legend.

  88. Ravi Vyas

    Ravi Vyas

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    After Akansha screaming at me I immediately disliked the video and left the page.

  89. richa gain

    richa gain

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Finally got to see others also in the offense....i like each and every anchor...but didnt like the idea of watching only selected anchors every time

  90. neeru khurana

    neeru khurana

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    actually shivam and rohit both are best we like both personality they both are different and sweet

  91. Anjana Lakra

    Anjana Lakra

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Akansha's last one was lit 🔥

  92. purva verma

    purva verma

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी


  93. SK Saha

    SK Saha

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    I missed rohit..

  94. Rakshitha Jayashankar

    Rakshitha Jayashankar

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Where is sonali??? #bringsonaliback

  95. Saxena M

    Saxena M

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Akanksha is the ultimate roadie man!!! She is amazing.

  96. 230_Aditya Kundu

    230_Aditya Kundu

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Sundar Pichai kabhi roadie bana sak at hai Jaya 🤣🤣😂😂question of ages Ans No but he can buy roadies or make better version of it par itna faltu time thori nah hoga 😂😂

  97. Anjali Awasthi

    Anjali Awasthi

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Not a roadie but a Brodie for sure broooo

  98. Aleema


    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Rohit looks like professor snape

  99. Aska Rizal

    Aska Rizal

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    i was really really missing rohit.😢❤ wlc back rohit lots of love💗

  100. Bhoomika Singh

    Bhoomika Singh

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी